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Sunday, 10 January 2010 06:16

Welcome to "The Uniform Building Inspection Report's" Companion OnSiteDataSolutions Software preview.  

"The Uniform building Inspection Report's" Companion OnSiteDataSolutions Software or OSDS was developed to allow you to create your findings and components listings including digital photographs on your computer for insertion into the Uniform Building Inspection Reportâ„¢ reporting system. This software replaces the 4-part NCR findings and components pages originally created as part of The Uniform Building Inspection Reportâ„¢.   Now you can fully utilize your digital camera to document your findings and include them in your report.  

OSDS Attributes


  • Stock Photo Option (Line drawings or correct photos inserted to show example of how it should be)

  • Auto Numbering of pictures and Series numbering of photos for multiple photos citing same finding (No side along programs necessary)

  • Personalized Summaries for agents (Minimum 4-6 pages)

  • Multiple print options and photo sizing on final report

  • Photo manager, auto resize, auto recover of photos, duplicate photos options

  • Front of building availability (automatic) for the front cover page

  • Data gathering with photos (Findings and components)

  • Picture enhancement within the program of gama, intensity, select and zoom, colored arrows, circles or squares, with a choice of colors and more.

  • Text on photo with data base for duplicate calls, text under photos with data base (no need to retype over and over).

  • Unlimited standard calls per line item. Specifically a call may have several variables, once programmed (typed) in the next time you find the same redundant issue you just double click and enter. 

  •  All data bases are editable and not limited in text capabilities.

  • Findings table is the most concise list in the nation of inspection calls.

  • Program is capable of listing multiple water heaters, heaters, air conditioners, electrical sizes, and more, includes pool and spa, etc.


  • Simply print report for insertion into your Uniform Building Inspection Report. reporting manual to distribute to your client. 

Built in safety checks to make sure you have not left out required information.


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