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Written by Peter Boyd   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 10:38

Welcome to On Site DataSolutions


Are you looking for a great new way to make more money and provide a higher quality report for your clients? 


At On Site Data Solutions you’ve stumbled across one of the best-kept secrets on the planet. Do you want to know how you can increase both your income and your quality of life? Let us  show you how.


All you have to do is read on through this site to learn more about this amazing opportunity. You can discover how inspectors just like you are changing their lives quickly and easily. All it takes is a tiny bit of commitment, and the information available through this site.


Are you ready to change your life? Our On Site Data Solutions  Reporting System can show you how. Read on to learn more.




CREIA Prem EDU Affiliate             certifiedtrainerlogo-20111





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Our 40 Hour Class is Approved for 40 CREIA CEC's 


As part of becoming an  Affiliate and electing to utilize the OnSiteDataSolutions reporting system linked to "The Uniform Building Inspection Report" we don't just sell you the program and expect you to figure it out.  We have a five day intensive class where we not only install and configure the reporting system on your computer, but go through the inspection process and show  you how to integrate your findings and components in the reporting system. Upon completion of the class you will be ready to perform an inspection and prepare a professional report of your findings. 

 The following will show the detailed agenda and  course regimen. You will find this course is taught with experienced personnel.  You will find that in the 40 hour course you will receive over 150 years of experienced scenarios and how to disclose as a professional and with the best system available.


DAY ONE: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Introduction, Pretest, The Industry, Definition of a Pre-Purchase home inspection, Your major players,  Inspection process, Standards & Practices, Code of Ethics of American Society of Home Inspectors,  California Real Estate Inspection Association, Red Flags, Scheduling your inspections and options, Marketing and your business, business  liabilities.


DAY TWO: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
-Site/drainage/grounds/retaining walls, Decks/walks/ drives/parking areas/planters,Sprinklers/irrigation(s) systems/faucets/water main connection/. Steps/stairs/ fencing/gates/outbuildings/sheds/garages/Exterior electrical outlets/yard lights/faulty grade/vegetation/related components.


Exterior /Roof
Exterior siding(s)/applications and deficiencies/Window(s) applications/skylights/related components/Exterior doors/patios/vehicle/locks/auto openers/security doors and windows.  
Pool/Spa- Pool /spa body/decking. coping/tile/diving boards & slides/ladders, Electrical deficiencies/conduits/ lighting/pumps/blowers/motors/, Skimmers/main drain/clean equipment/filter/heater/gas and water lines &  deficiencies, Fences/gates/contractor review/Pool Sweeps, common applications/safety related information/  related components.
Plumbing -Water heaters/gas/oil/water supply/solar/electrical/LPG, Venting/TP valves/Seismic restraints/Pipe types/associated problems/faucets/valves/back flow devices/regulator(s), Recognizing pipe types/water mains/  sewer systems/drains/vents/, Washer/dryer/laundry/mechanics sink(s)/associated components, Water pump(s)  LPG/or Oil tanks/water softeners/Misc.

 DAY THREE: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

 Electrical- Service drop/lines/weather head/main and sub panels and applications/fuses/breakers/, Circuit wiring/conduits/      junction boxes/associated code applications/components/, Wiring/wiring types/double lugging wires/fuses/lighting receptacles/outlets/switches, Extension cords or hard wired applications and hazards/GFCIs/AFCIs/aluminum wiring systems/systems grounding and applications/ Misc.
HVAC - Furnaces/wall heaters/AC Units/heat pumps/evaporative coolers, Heat exchangers/condensate/ refrigerant/ fuel line(s)/Storage tanks, Ventilation/makeup air/ducts/registers/distribution/fireplace(s) installations,   applications types / stoves/chimney, Thermostat(s)/fire stops/air filters/humidifier(s)/ceiling fans/associated
Ovens/ranges/dishwashers/vents/disposal/, Exhaust fans/electrical /  cabinets / flooring/ceiling and walls, Counter tops/sinks/faucets/drains/applicable plumbing applications & components/related safety issues..
Interior -Identify environmental concerns and disclosure/Water damage/ceilings/walls/flooring/Firewalls/doors/locks/windows/stairs/Handrails/fire-sprinklers/smoke alarms/ceiling fans/  cabinetry/vacuum(s).


DAY FOUR: 8:00 AM to 500 PM

Field Inspection
-Actual field inspection and orientation (subject to availability). Digital extrapolation.


Bathrooms-Baths/showers. enclosures/waterclosets/associated applications / components /Bidets/fixtures/lavatory/leaks/water damage/ventilations/mirrors/Medicine cabinets /exhaust fans / GFCIs/AFCIs/lighting/electrical/Electric/gas wall heaters/caulking/sealing/maintenance prevention.

Structure -
Foundations/footings/slabs/associated settlement issues, Framing members/decks/porches/flooring/  masonry/.   Basement /crawlspace / ventilation/patios/under floor crawls/insulation/Vapor/moisture barriers/
reviews by specialist(s) all areas, Attic reviews/remodels/wood rot/Wood boring insects/sump pump applications/associated components. 


DAY FIVE: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Computer lab

Processing your findings. Simple steps to use with the Software/Q & A.
Final-Final test.
Conclusion-You will learn how to identify components, associate with common disclosures and to document deficiencies using the "Uniform Building Inspection Report"™ and OnSiteDataSolutions Software. The course will continue after closing by each participant completing 2  practice inspections to be reviewed by the TWI Staff. These are to be printed to your pdf. Writer and emailed  to the TWI office. Our relationship does not end here but is just the beginning of a new and rewarding career
with great rewards. 


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